Thursday, December 30, 2010

Day 2 of Prep

I am officially starting on January 5th.  Why you ask?  Because that's the day I start my Weight Watcher tracker and I want to keep both of them in sync.  Plus, it'll give me time to plan out what I am going to do and read into more of this book on the PCOS diet plan.  They don't use the word diet as in "I'm on the new Twinkie Diet" (YES that was REALLY a diet!) it's more as in your lifestyle, and that's really what I have to do.  I have to change my lifestyle around if I want to lose weight, be healthier, and reduce the symptoms of the PCOS. 
So far in the book, I'm learning a lot about what they know about this syndrome.  I'm still reading the section that talks about what PCOS really is and what history they have on it, what it does to your body, what insulin resistance does to your body, etc.  It's a good refresher for me because I tend to stop thinking about the fact that I even have PCOS and get into the fact that I can eat like everyone else when I can't. 
I can't (and shouldn't) completely cut out carbohydrates (say that 5 times fast!), but I need to eat the right type of carbohydrates as well as lean meats, fruits, and vegetables, etc.  Which we all should be doing anyway, but it's especially vital for me.
It's funny that I am finding things in this book that I didn't realize related to the PCOS for instance, they mention "common complaints related to insulin resistance" which include fluctuations in energy level, frequent hunger, not feeling full for long, constantly craving sweets and refined carbohydrates, irritability from going to long without food (that is DEFINITELY me!), and severe intolerance to low-calorie diets, particularly ones severely limited in carbohydrates.  That last one really made me feel better because I thought that I was just never going to get it with Weight Watchers.  I always felt deprived and wondered why so many people were doing well on the WW plan and I wasn't, and I wasn't.
So my plan is to read more of this book and get some notes for things I know I want to do and things I need to remember and that will hopefully help keep me motivated to lose weight and get healthy again.


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Re-Welcome, Re-Themed, and Re-Vamped

Well, here we go again with a new blog!  This time I really know what I want to do so this will give me more of an incentive to no only be more consistant with my posting, but (and much more importantly) lose weight and if I can motivate other people throughout my journey, that would make me even more thrilled.

I have been a weight watchers member for over 5 years now, and I did really well the first week of the new PointsPlus program, but unfortunately due to Christmas and (in my therapist's words) my bad case of the "F*ck it" mentality, I am sure I've gained all that I lost back.  So I will have to see come next Tuesday at my weigh in, the damage I have done.  I really need to get this weight off for my health, and if I keep going the way I am my symptoms will probably get worse.  I just need to find that nitch that keeps me motivated to keep going.  I will be the first to admit that I have no will power which is a big downfall of mine so I am in search of something to help keep me grounded in realizing that what I am putting into my body is NOT REAL FOOD and can do a LOT OF DAMAGE to my health.  I recently saw Supersize Me on TV ( I had seen it when it first came out on DVD, but that was a few years ago) and it reminded me how disgusting that food really is.  I forgot that he showed that Chicken McNuggets used to be made from old hens that couldn't produce eggs anymore, and now they are made from chickens with breasts that are too big, they are chopped up and mixed with a ton of preservatives and other crap then molded in to "meat-like shapes," battered, partially deep fried, frozen, then sent to the stores where they deep fry them again.  Yummy! I must say I am much like a kid in that I like things like chicken nuggets but I can get organic ones every now and then at the store.  Ones made with actual real food. Go figure!  So my goal, is to not only to lose weight and eat less, but to eat more natural and local "real" foods. 

It's sad to me that we even have words like real and organic, tied with our food because there are other countries where that's just the way it is.  They don't use pestisides and preservatives and they do more than sit on their butts for 8 hours a day at the computer only to come home and sit another 8 hours watching tv and mindlessly eating in front of the TV.

Well, I'm going to stop there for now, I'm off my soap box, and I shouldn't be on it too often.  That's not what this blog is for.  I just can tend to get off on a tangent every now and then so, there ya go!