Thursday, January 20, 2011

Another TJ's Day

I had the same exact thing foodwise today so I won't bore you with that.  It was mostly an uneventful day.  I went to get my blood tests done this morning and the same sadistic woman who poked me last time, did it again, although this time she didn't rush. 

Anyway, I did get my second workout with the EA Active 2 in.  I am really liking it.  I actually feel great, and my heart rate goes up unlike with Wii Fit.  Although I do like Wii Fit, but I may do that between workouts because I know I need more.

There's not a whole lot else to say.  I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow after work and I will go over the results of the blood tests with my doctor.  I will let you know how that goes.  Going back to the Bay Area this weekend and I'll be there through Tuesday, BUT I will be helping them get a router and I'll finally be able to get online when I'm with them!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

TJ's Kind of Day

Well, I got my EA Active 2 set up and did my first workout last night when I got home.  I thought I could get it set up before going to Weight Watchers, but the workout went longer than I expected so I missed Weight Watchers...  I liked the format for EA Active but 1/2 way through the workout, the heart rate monitor stopped tracking my heart rate.  It couldn't find my heart rate and that was frustrating.  I hope that nothing is wrong with it because I don't want to have to worry about returning the whole thing and waiting for them to send me another one...  I'm going to look at their website to see if I can reset it some way. Other than that, I liked that I felt more of a workout than with Wii Fit.  There are a lot of different exercises and they have 3 and 9 week fitness goals which is nice.  I'm starting out with a 3 week training session to see how I do.  They also have levels of experience and since I'm out of shape, I thought I'd start with beginner.  Another nice feature is that you can track your progress online on their website. 

I had scrambled eggs (1 egg & 1 egg white), a piece of toast and bacon for breakfast and the amazing thing to me is that it was only 6 PP for the whole thing!  Very satisfying too!  I had 1 cup of TJ's Organic Creamy Tomato Soup, 8 Social Snackers, and blueberries for my morning snack.

I had the Chicken Satay skewers and some of the peanut sauce I got both from TJ's.  The Chicken Satay was pretty good, but the peanut sauce wasn't peanuty enough for me.  I added about 1/4 tsp of peanut butter to what I had in my rice to make it a tad more peanuty.  After I use up the sauce, I'll have to try finding a recipe to make my own. I didn't really have high expectations for them because I microwaved the chicken instead of heating it in a skillet (I am at work).  I'm sure they'd taste better if I cooked them at home instead but what can you do.  I had some ready cook brown rice with the chicken. I brought a big container of blueberries but I decided to save that for tomorrow. 

I had a bag of trail mix for a snack around 2:15 because I ended up taking a nap at lunch and I'm not a good nap taker so I felt rummy (as my mom says) and my mouth had a bad taste.

For dinner I ended up heating up the ready cooked pasta and turkey bolognese sauce I bought at TJ's.  I was starving and didn't get a chance to take a picture of it.

As you can see too, I haven't eating much fruit or vegetablewise...  I do have 3 points left for the day not that I have to count fruit of vegetables, but I'll have to go and look for something to fill up the rest of my requirements...

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Another Weekend Fail

I got another case of the "F its."  Oh well...  I did get my EA Active 2 which I can't wait to start up tonight after Weight Watchers.  This weekend was very busy.  I helped my mom and brother Nick move to their new apartment, so I got a ton of exercise, but I still ate horribly. But it's a new week, so I am ready to start fresh.  I am going to have these weeks every now and then.
Anyway, I went to my favorite store, TJ's today at lunch with my friend from work. I got a ton of stuff again and ended up spending over 40 bucks!  I am trying some new things that I got to last me through the rest of the week.  I got some turkey bolognese sauce and ready cooked pasta to heat together for some meals, some flavored sparkling water in lemon (which I just tried and is pretty good for sparkling water) and in orange, I got some chicken satay to have as additional protein with the pasta for lunch, and I got some peanut satay sauce too which I hope tastes good.  I still have oranges and I got some more blueberries and grapes so I'll be set fruit wise at lunch.  I also got their Organic Tomato Soup which I LOVE and forgot to add to my I Heart TJ's list.  I think I may just add to those posts for a reference guide then make a note when I have updated a particular page. 
So my plans for the week are starting up the EA Active exercising, plan for meals, and stay on track over the weekend when I go back down to the Bay Area to continue helping my mom and Nick move.

Friday, January 14, 2011

I Heart Trader Joe's

I have decided to make this a series of sorts, any time I find a new food, activity, or whatever comes to mind, I'll make an I Heart... post.

This I Heart post is about Trader Joe's as you can see.  Now, you'll probably hear me talk about them a lot but here are some of my favorites from TJ's.  Granted I learn about new things all the time, and sometimes things go away but I'll post about new things when I find them in my regular updates.

Social Snackers- One of my new favorites, these crackers are buttery and flaky and can be quite addicting so I have to keep them out of site otherwise I will end up eating a whole sleeve.  I have before!

Cracker Cuts Sharp Cheddar Cheese-  These go PERFECTLY with the Social Snackers.  They are just the perfect size.  They aren't low fat, but they are still only 1 P+ per square so it's totally worth it for the real deal!

Jasmine Pearls Tea- I have already mentioned this in the my first I Heart...  post.  It's just a good light green tea with a hint of jasmine in it.  It's not as strong as regular green tea, which I'm not a big fan of.  It's very delicate in flavor.  I also love all of the health benefits you get from drinking green tea!

Peanut Butter Filled Pretzels- Okay, these I never buy because I can't stop eating them.  Literally, I can't!  But if you are strong willed enough to eat a serving, they are really good!  It has the sweet and smooth of the peanut butter, salty and crunchy from the pretzel.  I am what I call a "pick apart" eater, which means I pick things apart when I eat them.  I'll eat the pretzel bottom first, then eat the peanut butter which gets pretty solid from the baking, and then I'll eat the salty top of the pretzel.  They have them in unsalted as well, but I like the salted version best.

Pretzel Thins- They have a couple of varieties but I've only had the plain salted.  They are really good, and I really like using them with their Peach Salsa which I'll mention as well.  Really helps feed a pretzel craving, at least for me.

Peach Salsa-  I don't know the exact name, but if you just look for a Peach Salsa in the chip isle of your local TJ's, you'll find it.  It's sweet and has a slightly spicy smoky flavor to it as well.  It might even have smoky in the name but I cannot remember!  I first tried it when my aunt made a cheese quesadilla and added a little of the salsa to the middle of it and the flavors were SO good!  It was just 2 corn tortillas, a little bit of shredded Gouda (I believe, or you can use any cheese you like, melty cheese works better), and a little of the salsa and heat it up in a dry pan or spray with cooking spray until crisp on both sides and middle is all melty and gooey!  YUM!

Laundry Detergent-  I know you're probably thinking, what?!  She's mentioning something other than food?! Yes, because I want to mention things I love from a particular spot and also want to show that sometimes it's not all about food.  I love their lavender laundry detergent.  It's biodegradable and had a light lavender scent.  It's not too harsh on my clothes which I like. 

There are so many things I like there and I keep finding new things so I will mention things in my regular updates when that may happen.

Do you have any favorite things I have not mentioned from TJ's?

I Messed Up...

I didn't plan for any lunches or dinners this week, I had too much going on...  So, I decided to have cheese and crackers for lunch, and then I had some of my nut and fruit mix I made.  So I wasn't too bad throughout the day, but I came home with only 4 points left.  I decided to have another serving of the mix, but I ended up bringing the bag in with me, which was my big mistake.  I don't know how much I ate of it, but it was a lot.  So I decided that was just one day, and I learned at a WW meeting that if you have 1 bad day and get off track, and don't write down anything that day and have no idea how much you went over, just start over the next day and don't use your extra points for the rest of the week.  I am going to try that out, and see if it saves me a little bit at weigh in.  We shall see! 
So that was really all I had to say food wise about yesterday.  I learned last night that most people's Zodiac signs have changed, and when I looked up this article, it said that I have changed from a Cancer to a Gemini.  I gotta admit, even though I don't believe in horoscopes, I was bummed out about it.  I love being a Cancer and I am a lot like my sign.  I read into what a Gemini is and I do have a few qualities of a Gemini, but I also heard rumors that this new way is going to take into effect only for people born 2009 and later.  I know it's all silly, but I had a lot of fun with my sign...  My friend even has a Cancer sign on her back and she is a Gemini now too.

Anyway, I am working on a post about Trader Joe's and will hopefully get it out before the end of the day.  I am going back to the Bay Area for the weekend and will be there through Monday for the holiday weekend, helping them pack and hopefully move some of their boxes to their new apartment.  So I should get in some activity points which I hope will balance out what I ate last night! 

Okay, that's it from me!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Wednesday Successes

Happy Thursday everyone!  Wednesday was a good day for me.  I have a twice monthly appointment up in Roseville and it's not until 5:30 so being that I get off work at 4, I usually have an hour or so to kill at least.  There is a Trader Joe's a mile or 2 away from where my appointment is so yesterday I thought, what the hell, I'll go in and get a couple of my obsessions of the moment which I will include in a separate post like my Tea post yesterday. 

One thing you'll probably find out about me from this blog is that I am a "Trader Joe'saholic" or whatever you so choose to call it.  I am OBSESSED with TJ's.  I am always learning about awesome new things they have there.  I am still weary and read labels, and if I can help it, I don't get produce from outside of the US, preferably California, which is why I love going to the farmer's market, I just haven't been around enough to actually GO.  It's on Sundays every week rain or shine but I have been in the Bay Area a lot for different family issues for the last couple of years.  Hopefully I will be able to stay home more often in the near future.

Breakfast was very good and filling.  I had 2 pieces of Sara Lee's light 45 calorie wheat bread toasted with 1 tsp total butter (3 points+), a piece of chili egg puff (5 points+), 2 pieces of ready cook bacon (1 point+), and a huge container of blueberries that I snacked on throughout the morning (Free!).  All of that for a total of 9 points+ which would have given me a heart attack in the past!  I wanted to save as many Godforsaken points as I could possibly save which in turn would starve me and wasn't healthy I'm sure.  I find that I am less moody too with a good breakfast.  I just need to find some more portable egg recipes. 

Around 10:30 or so, I got a little hungry again and had some beef jerky, a laughing cow sun dried tomato mozzarella cheese with 8 Sociable crackers for a total of 6 P+ before going on my 20 minute morning walk.  I ended up walking a mile for 2 activity points.

I went to Panera for lunch with my friend from work. I had the you pick two with my absolute favorite salad, their Asian Chicken Salad which has romaine lettuce, slivered almonds, marinated chicken breast, wonton pieces, and a low sugar vinaigrette (5 points+), and their garden vegetable soup which is 2 points+.  You get to choose a side too and I was a good girl and got an apple when I could have gotten a piece of their french baguette which I LOVE. 

After work, I drove straight to Roseville and walked through Trader Joe's for a while.  I believe it's pretty impressive when you end up spending $65 in Trader Joe's an only fill up 1 bag! I might have set some sort of record there!  They are usually cheap, but I ended up getting some things that really added up, including a bag each of roasted almonds, roasted pepitas (pumpkin seeds), dried cranberries, and dried blueberries, 100% cranberry juice, multi-vitamins, 2 boxes of tea (one for my friend at work), beef jerky, crackers, and cheese.

Once I was done there, I sat in the parking lot in front of my appointment place and read.  My stomach felt empty so I thought, I better have a snack.  With 10 points+ left, I ended up having 2 of the cheese squares and a serving (8 crackers & 3 P+) of my new favorite crackers which I will mention in the TJ's post. All of that stayed with me for over 2 hours!  I was stunned!  It was GOOOOOD too! I ate another piece of my chili egg puff for dinner since I had 5 P+ left.  I also treated myself to a sample bar they handed out at Weight Watchers.  It was a dark chocolate turtle mini bar for 2P+, and it was pretty good.

Well that was my day, I do have pictures of some of the things I ate, but they are on my iPod so I will have to edit this post to add them later!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I Heart Tea

Okay, so every now and then I'll probably have something I'd like to mention food wise that I love that I will post about in addition to my regular posts.  Plus, I'm in a kind of chatty mood today...  :)

I've never been a huge coffee or tea drinker, more so for coffee than tea, but when I got into my 20s I started having a cup of tea every now and then.  Now at work, I find myself having more and more tea and I really enjoy having it throughout the day.  I'm sort of becoming a tea connoisseur of sorts.  I like fancy teas and trying different flavored teas.  I am trying to build up my repertoire on teas but for now I'll mention my few favorites.

Harney & Sons' Paris tea-  Harney & Sons isn't something you'd just find in Safeway or Walmart.  You'd be more inclined to find it in a specialty grocery store.  Our local store, Nugget, sells a few of their teas including probably their most popular flavor, Paris, tea as well as English Breakfast, and a few others.  Paris tea is a fruity black tea and is probably my most favorite tea.  My mom drinks it every day so she's always asking me to pick some up for her since it's cheaper than where she finds it.  We first discovered this tea in a little tea shop in Carmel, CA and have been obsessed with it ever since.

Republic of Tea's Coconut Cocoa Tea- This is an herb tea that is probably 2nd to the Paris tea above as my top favorites are concerned.  I just saw this one at Nugget, and they sell Republic of Tea in quite a few places, most popular would probably be Cost Plus. This one I just had to try!  Chocolate & Coconut for practically no calories?!  Where do I sign up?!  It's best to me with 1 packet of sweetener in it, I use the Truvia brand, to make it feel like you are having dessert.  And they call it a "Cup of Dessert Herb Tea." I definitely think this will help me when I have a sweet craving!

Republic of Tea's Ginger Peach- To me this is their most popular tea, but I don't know.  I have grown up knowing this tea better than any other specialty tea I've heard of.  My mom has been drinking this for years and it's a really nice tea.  I especially love it iced.  I don't know why, maybe because sometimes in restaurants you can get iced ginger peach tea.  This is (as the name says) a fruitier black tea, and definitely reminds me of my childhood.

Trader Joe's Jasmine Pearls- This is a whole leaf green tea with Jasmine flowers. The balled up the green tea leaves and when the bag sits in the hot water, the balls open up and you can see purples jasmine leaves as well in the bag.  It's a lighter green tea, not as severe tasting (at least to me, I'm not a big green tea fan but I drink it because of it's health benefits) and you can taste a hint of Jasmine which is probably why I like it better.

Lipton's Tea- I had to add this because if you just want a good cup of regular black tea, there's no other place to go than good ol' Lipton's.  This more than any other tea definitely reminds me of my childhood.  This (again to me) is the most well known tea ever.

Okay, that's what I have right now.  If I'll add a new tea every now and then when I try new ones to my regular posts.

Do you have any teas out there you love and would like to mention?

Weigh-in Day

So, I'm posting this Wednesday, but I find that I am more inclined to post during the day.  Once I get home, I'm beat, and I've already spent all day on my computer at work that I can't stand to look at my own at home for much longer than it takes to check my email and facebook!  So, I'm thinking that it would make more sense for me to write on my break instead so I'm not rushing through what I want to write about.
Tuesdays are my weigh in days at  Weight Watchers, and since I weigh in after work, I don't eat much.  I try to stay low on the sodium.  I essentially starve myself, I mean, I have breakfast and lunch, but I try not to eat too much...  It's usually a big peanut butter and jelly sandwich for breakfast and 1 for lunch and it holds me because of the protein in the peanut butter.  Probably not the best thing to do, but it's just once a week.

The meeting went well.  We talked about power foods, what keeps us full for longer, and what makes us want more. I lost 1.6 pounds, yay me! I got a pedometer at the meeting that I am going to wear all day to track my daily steps.

I haven't made a meal plan really even though I had ideas of things I wanted to make.  I may do the orange Chinese chicken and fried rice next week.  I have to make another batch of chicken cacciatore for the weekend.  I told my mom I'd make it for then because my cousin and aunt are coming up to help my mom and brother pack, and God willing my mom chooses a place, move some of the stuff! 

I supposed that's it from me.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Weekend Review

Happy Monday!  Did I do well this weekend? Ummm, not entirely...  My mom is on a Frosted Flakes kick and when it's in front of my face I have a black out moment and start mindlessly munching.  Do they even taste that "grrrreat" to me? No.  It's the sugar!  But aside from that I could have been worse.  I didn't keep my case of the "F its" but I kept wanting to.  I think it didn't help that we spent the whole weeknd apartment hunting and I get car sick so driving all day for 2 days plus the actual driving there made me miserable!
I was proud of myself last night though because I kept thinking about having Taco Bell in my mind but I refused to go and just had some of my leftovers at home.  I need to finish that stuff before it goes bad and it's getting close to me having to toss it.  I just have 1 chicken breast and some pasta left so I brought that for lunch today.  (Don't worry, I smelled it, it's fine!)
The meals I'm planning on making for this week are a chili egg puff, senaglese stew, and orange chicken with fried rice.  I am going to make some sort of big batch of vegetable too I just haven't decided what yet.  I need to be in a "salad mood" in order to want salad.  Maybe roasted brussel sprouts.  I haven't had that in a long time and I've been wanting it for a while now. 
So that's all from me for now, I have to get my shopping list ready. I'll probably post tonight on my day today!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Freeky Friday!

I had my same breakfast. I've only had 3 of these and I'm already tired of the tortillas.  I'm going to get english muffins and see if I can find one of those cheap egg shapers (they have hearts and things that you pour the raw egg into and it cooks in the pan to stay that shape) to keep it a good shape for the muffin but it's not a huge deal. I can always just make a hard fried egg too.  I just get more protein adding in the extra egg white.  Again, not the end of the world hee hee! 

I have to mention a pretty cute thing this morning that made me smile.  My aunt's ADORABLE cat, Rusty, used to love being on my bed, it's been a while since he's done that though because I used to have it in a different spot, and since I switched back, he loves being on it again.  So this morning I put him on my bed as I was finishing packing and getting ready to go to work and he was just in hog heaven.  He was so cute!  I took some pictures with my new iTouch, they are grainy, but if I get internet while I'm down in the Bay Area, I'll have to try to post it.  Too stinkin cute that boy!  He's an orange tabby with the cutest disposition.  You just want to hug him!

Anyway, for lunch I went with a couple of friends from work to Caprino's and I was a good girl and had minestrone soup and a house salad with their low fat dressing.  I did have a good sized piece of their bread but I counted it.  I also had a whole bag of popcorn for a snack so I have 9 points+ for the rest of the day.  I hope I can make it work for dinner.  I do have plenty of extra weekly points so I'm not worried.

I hope this isn't my last post for the week, but if it is, I'll do a recap of my weekend on Sunday night or Monday morning.


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Onto Day Two and Preparing for the Weekend

Another successful day!  Didn't workout today.  I should have, but I just didn't.  I'll get into it I just haven't slept very well this week.  I had the breakfast burrito again and this time I added 2 tablespoons of shredded 2% cheese.  It stays with me much better than my cereal used to.  It's made me realize that I need to eat more protein in the morning than I was.  Will I get tired of eggs every morning, duh, but I'll have to find other things to do.  My aunt had this egg & chili puff recipe that is out of this world, and it's perfect for on the go.  I can just grab a piece and pop it in the microwave for a minute.  I think I'm going to make that next week.  It makes 12 servings, so I usually just make 1/2 of the recipe and I will have breakfast for a week! 

Lunch was again the same as yesterday (come to think of it, my whole day was...) so not much to say. 

My obstacles this weekend are just being in the bay area with my mom and brother Nick.  I tend to not do well around them.  We are going to be looking at apartments for them because they need to move by the end of the month.  So it'll be a busy weekend.

That's it from me for today.  I would like this to be a daily blog, but I'm thinking the weekends, at least for now, will be a little to hard to do.  So we'll see how that turns out!


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 1 on Track

I made it through the day!  I didn't do a ton of exercising, I walked for 20 minutes, but that's better than nothing.  I'm going to try to get to sleep early tonight so I am not so tired. 
Anyway, I had an egg burrito for breakfast which consisted of 1 egg & 1 egg white scrambled, 2 slices of ready cook bacon (I only like the real thing and it's just 1 point for 2 pieces!) and a whole wheat carb smart tortilla. Only 4 points+ for the whole thing!  I tend to drink most of my water in the morning, although it's made my new hobby peeing every 5 minutes!

Around 10:30, I took a 20 minute walk with my friend Jill at work. Most of the time I just walk by myself because I like to put on my iPod and just have some me time, but I like to walk with someone else too because it makes the time go by fast.

For lunch, I had left over Chicken Cacciatore with the sides I made that night too (the pasta, broccoli, & mushrooms) a TON of food for just 12 points+.  I got so busy in the afternoon that I forgot to eat my afternoon snack.  What that was, I have no idea, probably a couple of carrots I had at work.  So by the time I got home I was starving!  I had 16 points+ left over so I had to find something that could fill in those points.  I ended up having 2 more carb balance tortillas and 1/2 can of Amy's refried beans, which are my FAV, with a little cheese.  I still had 6 points left so I had 4 Fluer de Sel Caramels from a box that my aunt gave me.  Yum!

Well, that's the gist of my day.  I have some cleaning up to do and I have to get some clothes in the laundry before I fall asleep!


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Weekly Weigh-in.

Okay, I faced the music and went to my Weight Watchers meeting tonight.  I gained 8.8 pounds from my last weigh in.  It could have been worse.  I'm not going to beat myself up.  This is a new start for me.  Last night I made some kick ass chicken cacciatore for meals for the rest of the week along with orzo with caramelized shallots and garlic.  I also made some broccoli that I sauteed in a little olive oil and a lot of garlic, and sauteed mushrooms.  So that should keep for the rest of the week for lunches.  I am planning on making some scrambled eggs before heading for work, and I have some precooked bacon (the real bacon, I don't like canadian or turkey bacon) and some whole wheat tortillas for a breakfast burrito of sorts.  I also have canned fruit (packed in water) and pealed and washed carrots already at work for snacks. 
I'm reading more in my book and I am getting into the diet part of the book but I have a ways to go still. Well, that's all from me for now.  Getting excited for tomorrow!


Monday, January 3, 2011

Continuing from This Morning

I am trying to go over my "New Years Resolutions" which I know that for about 99% of the people that set them, don't end up going through it, but I am determined to make these changes in my life.  I am a grown up now and I need to act like one.

1. Get healthier- This blog, along with a few other blogs that I'm reading, Weight Watchers, the PCOS book, and support from family and friends is what I am hoping will keep me motivated to do so.

2. Keep up on my clean room.  Now that my room is clean, I want it to stay that way.  I moved things around a couple of weeks ago so it's a fresh start for me.  Don't get me wrong, I don't think I'm a messy person (I'm not a neat freak either), but my whole live resides in one bedroom so it's not easy when you try to keep a cluttered room clean.  Hopefully in a few months, this will change as I'm hoping to find a roommate and get my own place!

3. Do more social things so I am not stuck in my room at all hours of the day.  I have friends here but I need friends that I can go out and do things with, which has been hard for me because I don't know where to look.  I found a knitting club that I may go to one night.  It's at a coffee shop in downtown Sacramento and once a week.  I also joined the Gioventu group which is a young adult Italian group that meets at the Italian Cultural Society, but it's only once a month, and I haven't been able to make it to the Spaghettata's they have.

4. Get more active.  This should probably be part of the get healthier resolution, but I am making it separate because I need to make sure both eating right and exercising are equally important in my life.

5. Plan my meals and exercise in for each week so it keeps me more accountable and I know where my points are going and I have less of a chance to get thrown off track.

I think that's all I have planned so far.  It's a pretty ambitious list in my opinion.  Those are big things.  I am going to start out slowly though so I don't get overwhelmed. 

For today, I am planning on making a modified version of Giada's Chicken Cacciatore.  I use boneless/skinless chicken breasts instead of bone on w/skin chicken breasts and thighs. I am not going to dredge them in flour before browning them, I don't think it's necessary.  I will brown them in a little olive oil, but keep it to a minimum and remove the excess oil when I add the other ingredients into the pan. (Olive oil in moderation is essential for your body anyway) and the sauce is pretty much the same, canned tomatoes, red bell pepper, onion, garlic, spices, but I don't add capers which she does.  She also adds 3/4 cup of dry white wine, and I'm toying with the idea of nixing that all together, or adding maybe 1/2 of that in Dry Marsala (I don't want to open one of my aunt's bottles of wine and I can't afford to get one until Friday) which should be fine.  There will be a lot of sauce though because I got 1/2 of the recommended amount of chicken, but it may end up being okay, I may try to only do 1/2 the sauce but I hate waisting a 1/2 of an onion (they are not safe to keep because the absorb bacteria very easily after being cut)

Anyway, I'm serving that with orzo pasta which has chopped fresh spinach, caramelized shallots, garlic, and a little Pecorino Romano cheese YUM, and steamed broccoli that has been sauteed in a little oil, garlic, and red pepper flakes.  That's what I call a dinner!  I have some mushrooms I should cook too.  I didn't get salad stuff which I wish I had gotten, but this should be enough for a vegetable.  I may not eat that for dinner though because I have leftovers I don't want to go to waist.

I think I'm done for the day.  I'll post tomorrow about what I have gained since my last weigh in (2 weeks before Christmas) and what we learned at the meeting.


Maybe Part 1 of a 2-parter...

Just a quick post before I get ready for work. I am more getting into my PCOS book.  They are starting to talk about how people with insulin resistance should eat.  They mentioned a carb distributed diet.  I don't know a whole lot about it yet as I just started reading this part, but I guess a study was done that shows that the average American eats 50% of their carbohydrates in the morning and how I guess we should distribute them more throughout our day so the pancreas doesn't work too hard to produce insulin to help process the sugars in our blood.
My first goal is to have a meal plan & exercise plan set for the week.  Even though I'm not planning on starting until Wednesday, I am making little steps to get started on my goals.  I will get into more of that later when I have more time to talk about it but I am really excited to start working towards being healthier and getting in control of my symptoms!
Toodles for now!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Sittin, Waitin, Wishin

My mom and brother are up for the weekend.  We went to a local Italian restaurant for New Year's Eve dinner and then went back to the house to open presents with my aunt for our belated Christmas.  I got my aunt a painting that I bought from a guy selling them on the street in San Francisco.  They are water color paintings of cats and dogs sitting in windows with the different views of the city outside the window.  I also got her a monogrammed kitchen towel from a french shop called Jan de Luz in Carmel.  They also have a shop in St. Helena.  She got me some Bare Escentuals make up, fleur de sel caramels, and a book about the Giant's Championship win this year. 
Today, we did a little shopping and we are just about to leave to go to mass at the Sacramento cathedral.  I'm sure that my boss's boss, who sings there regularly, will be there.  She has an amazing voice.  Then we'll meet my cousin at BJ's then come back to the house to visit.
Anyway, gotta keep it short today since we should leave.