Friday, January 14, 2011

I Heart Trader Joe's

I have decided to make this a series of sorts, any time I find a new food, activity, or whatever comes to mind, I'll make an I Heart... post.

This I Heart post is about Trader Joe's as you can see.  Now, you'll probably hear me talk about them a lot but here are some of my favorites from TJ's.  Granted I learn about new things all the time, and sometimes things go away but I'll post about new things when I find them in my regular updates.

Social Snackers- One of my new favorites, these crackers are buttery and flaky and can be quite addicting so I have to keep them out of site otherwise I will end up eating a whole sleeve.  I have before!

Cracker Cuts Sharp Cheddar Cheese-  These go PERFECTLY with the Social Snackers.  They are just the perfect size.  They aren't low fat, but they are still only 1 P+ per square so it's totally worth it for the real deal!

Jasmine Pearls Tea- I have already mentioned this in the my first I Heart...  post.  It's just a good light green tea with a hint of jasmine in it.  It's not as strong as regular green tea, which I'm not a big fan of.  It's very delicate in flavor.  I also love all of the health benefits you get from drinking green tea!

Peanut Butter Filled Pretzels- Okay, these I never buy because I can't stop eating them.  Literally, I can't!  But if you are strong willed enough to eat a serving, they are really good!  It has the sweet and smooth of the peanut butter, salty and crunchy from the pretzel.  I am what I call a "pick apart" eater, which means I pick things apart when I eat them.  I'll eat the pretzel bottom first, then eat the peanut butter which gets pretty solid from the baking, and then I'll eat the salty top of the pretzel.  They have them in unsalted as well, but I like the salted version best.

Pretzel Thins- They have a couple of varieties but I've only had the plain salted.  They are really good, and I really like using them with their Peach Salsa which I'll mention as well.  Really helps feed a pretzel craving, at least for me.

Peach Salsa-  I don't know the exact name, but if you just look for a Peach Salsa in the chip isle of your local TJ's, you'll find it.  It's sweet and has a slightly spicy smoky flavor to it as well.  It might even have smoky in the name but I cannot remember!  I first tried it when my aunt made a cheese quesadilla and added a little of the salsa to the middle of it and the flavors were SO good!  It was just 2 corn tortillas, a little bit of shredded Gouda (I believe, or you can use any cheese you like, melty cheese works better), and a little of the salsa and heat it up in a dry pan or spray with cooking spray until crisp on both sides and middle is all melty and gooey!  YUM!

Laundry Detergent-  I know you're probably thinking, what?!  She's mentioning something other than food?! Yes, because I want to mention things I love from a particular spot and also want to show that sometimes it's not all about food.  I love their lavender laundry detergent.  It's biodegradable and had a light lavender scent.  It's not too harsh on my clothes which I like. 

There are so many things I like there and I keep finding new things so I will mention things in my regular updates when that may happen.

Do you have any favorite things I have not mentioned from TJ's?


  1. The bruschetta in the refrigerated section--not the shelved variety--is AMAZING when you don't have time to dice your own tomatoes!! They also have a great price on low fat Jarlsberg cheese if you like Swiss... I'm going to have to jot down your goodies and make a run today!! Oooohhh... Also they also have a Montepulciano D'Abruzzo vino that goes for under 10 bucks that is GREAT with pasta!!

  2. Good to know! I'll have to look for those!