Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Something Needs To Change

I don't know what is the matter with me!  I'm warning you, this is partly a vent post, but it shows I'm human.  So, over the week, I think I did pretty well...  Then Sunday came, and got a little out of hand.  But Monday morning I thought, I'm starting over, just don't use any more weekly points.  Did that happen???  NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.  I blew it Monday too!  Was it worth it?  Hell no!  Did it even taste good?  Some of it yes, but mostly no!  Why do I do this to myself?!  Of course, I was going to still weigh in Tuesday, but then that day went to hell too!  First our system was down literally all day.  ALL DAY.  So I couldn't do anything.  We had a 2 hour department meeting and the head of our department just had to bring donuts in.  And did I resist, or at the very most just have one?  NOPE!  I had 4.  FOUR.  This wasn't all in one sitting, but still!  I can't be around donuts.  I can't even know they are in the same building I am in.  I don't really crave them when they aren't around, but man, if I know they are, I go insane!  So, I thought, well now I'm not going to weigh in, so I might at well have whatever I feel like for lunch.  I ended up going to Chevy's for lunch.  I had my usual chicken fajitas which I LOVE. 

You can see from the water that we've had a lot of rain.  The Sacramento River is flooding into the parking lot! 

Here's a turtle!  He washed up to the parking lot because of the flooding! 

And guess what?  More rain for this week!  Yay!  Keep this up and Sacramento will be under water.  Literally!  So it's kind of scary!

Anyway, despite my ridiculous food intake, I did go to Weight Watchers.  I'm glad I did too.  Then after that my aunt and I went to black bear diner and had a burger and split a vanilla shake...  This is the last pig out session after Weight Watches I'm going to do.  It's not helping me at all!  I know I get hungry after our meetings, but I need to bring something healthy with me to scarf down after weighing in.  Like carrots or something.  I wish I could find a weekend morning meeting in the area, but there aren't any from what I can find.  Or at least something at 6:30 or so.  I know that's oh my God early for me, but nights are too hard!

Anyway, enough of my ranting and raving.  Onto another day!


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