Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Greens and Beans...

Tonight we are had our neighbors over for dinner and my aunt is making a specialty of my Grandfather's called Greens and Beans.  It's soup with savoy cabbage, canellini beans, and a ton of garlic (she used a head and 1/2!).  The whole front of the house smelled like garlic this morning!  The smell of the soup cooking reminded me of when my grandfather would make ham hocks and cabbage which was really the only dish I remember of his.

Unfortunately I don't remember my grandparents' food.  They passed away when I was 5 and 7 but I have heard many a tale of their fabulous feasts.  My aunt and dad told me about the platters they used to eat off of.  Yes EAT off of.  My grandfather had to build a special table in their garage because there wasn't enough room in the house.  That's being Italian for ya! 
My aunt made the lemon pie that was passed out at Weight Watchers a few weeks back and it was INCREDIBLE!!!!  I'd actually like it without the crust to make a puddingy/custardy dessert...  Our neighbors brought cake too and I had a small piece of that.
 I missed Weight Watchers which was for personal reasons that I won't go into. We managed to watch a few minutes of the Giants game before they got here too.

I was beat by the time they left so I'm off to bed!

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